Accelerate To Activate

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Accelerate To Activate

Have you ever gotten the feeling about yourself that you could be more? Accomplishing more than what others have seen?…

There’s a word for waiting. It’s called, “meantime.” They don’t call it “mean” for nothing. Meantime is the period of time between the vision and the reality. We have to learn to look at our meantime to build a strategy for mastering them instead of them mastering us. There’s  both an art and a science to getting through the “meantimes.” What do I mean by that?
Scientifically speaking, meantime has patterns that can be studied, and if they can be studied, that means, they can be understood. There are clues and patterns in meantimes that can tell us how to cut some mean times off altogether. That’s the science of it – seeing the clues and patterns of your meantime – your time of waiting, your time of adversity, your time of turbulence – so you can get ahead and make progress in your life.
There’s also an art to getting through the meantimes. This is one of the strongest indicators of leadership. Think about it. The people we admire most are those who have overcome tremendous odds to get where they are. They are those whose lives were marked by overcoming adversity. We don’t go around studying leaders who have never done anything. Meantime seems to be the mark of great leadership!

You can win in your toughest season. Think like a king and learn to conquer your meantime. Merle Ray

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