Cassandra Scott LIVE!™ Conferences

Cassandra Scott LIVE!™ Conferences


Cassandra Scott’s LIVE Conferences and events empower you to mix with  host and leading speakers and trainers across the nation who work with Dr. Scott. Cassandra’s premiere events give our mentoring participants a chance to showcase their talents and expertise as well as receive thought-leaders’ insights.

Participant who subscribe at  the Senior Partner Level and above have the opportunity to speak, present, or teach at the conference as practice projects. Submissions may be chosen by Dr. Scott. No payment is committed to students as these are part of the mentoring services being provided; however, Dr. Scott reserves the right to offer gifts, stipends, honorariums, or contracts to student speakers at her sole discretion.

Cassandra Scott LIVE! Conferences are a great way to kick-off a speaking career, as it provides exposure to hundreds of individuals across the U.S. and even some abroad.


Senior Partners & AboveCONFERENCE TICKET FREE!
Prior Graduates of BYB 10% OFF REGULAR TICKET


LIVE Conferences requires a lot of expenses. They include such resources as time, materials, and labor for every single item used for the purpose of providing the conference. Individuals are sometimes contracted or engaged for their labor, time, and materials. If you need to make a calculation of what typical conference fees are for a business or ministry conference, just check out a few conferences on the web, and you will find that our fees are very much lower than most other business conferences. We must compare apples to apples for this project and estimate costs which are reasonable based on the needs of the project and what is being accomplished.

Depending on organization’s budget, identified space and amount of work, it will take us an estimated 1-year in order to plan and implement the annual LIVE Conference. Therefore, you can expect to hear more announcements about these Conferences about 6 months in advance or as soon as more details are solidified for the Conference dates, room availability, etc. If the organization does not have an adequate enrollment in its programs, then the annual conference may not take place until the program enrollment is at least able to cover a budget for a LIVE conference. These conferences and program graduation for Birth Your Brilliance may be combined with other LIVE Conferences of Dr. Cassandra Scott.