1-on-1 Mentoring

1-on-1 Mentoring


We aim to be one of the leading service providers of quality Mentoring, Training & Development Seminars and Services for ministries. The offered services are executed to cater to the requirements and needs of the clients. Our provided services are inclusive of tasks such as providing books, materials, audio visual equipment and ministry business venues.

Our organization mentoring services cover:

  • 4 one-on-one meetings with Dr. Cassandra Scott to go over your customized birthing framework (i.e. what you are birthing)
  • Core curriculum including any required workbooks, guidebooks, and weekly empowerment messages; (excludes optional curricula/books offered)
  • Timely execution of the lessons and topics to keep you on track and finding out how you wish to hold yourself accountable;

Our programs are individualized self-study self-improvement lessons followed by weekly homework and check-in sessions on a quarterly basis.  The Mentoring Program and other Cassandra Scott public meetings and events can be a great opportunity to receive first-class training, have an intensified exchange and collaboration, live meetings, and reach out to Dr. Scott via phone or email. The live meetings allow you to emerge from the solitary work of doing your self-study advanced research and make contact with colleagues in your program. The chance to verbalize and discuss your ideas voice to voice as well as to find out what other students have explored in related areas can be invaluable and further the development of yourself personally, professionally, and spiritually.


Six-Figures & Beyond Success© Starting at just $89/month, you get access to the teachings of Dr. Merle Ray in 6-advancing assets that take your skill levels from 5 to 6-figures and Beyond Success!
Cassandra Scott LIVE!™ Conferences All Partners enjoy 15% discounts at Cassandra Scott’s LIVE Conferences and Summits. Senior Partners get FREE tickets to the annual conference included with their paid one-year enrollment in Birth Your Brilliance starting at just $189 per month.
Speaker’s Club From just $189 per month, participants are automatically inducted into our Speaker’s Club AND receive opportunities to teach, train, speak, or preach at designated events upon successful program completion! Some examples of Speaking Opportunities are:

  • Regional Summits
  • Annual Conference
  • Weekly Ministry Services
  • Business Events
Powerful Personal Branding Opportunities Starting at just $349 per month, Strategic Partners as Leaders have the opportunity to plan and implement their own project. This may include one of the following every 4 to 5 months: 40-page book or journal, short workbook (40-pages or less), logo design, logo package including tagline, 2-on-1 coaching with Dr. Cassandra Scott and Dr. Merle Ray. Scheduled in advance. Some restrictions apply.


Improving your leadership skills may seem like an uphill climb.  You might be telling yourself, “I’m not a leader.  Some people have leadership abilities, but I simply don’t have any.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Anyone can lead when the necessity arises, so we all have some type of leadership abilities inside of us. Of course leadership styles vary greatly from person to person, and these skills do need development. That’s why Cassandra Scott Mentoring offers you a powerful leader and a powerful platform upon which to gain the skills and proximity you need to advance into your future.