Powerful Personal Branding & Publishing Opportunities

Powerful Personal Branding & Publishing Opportunities


If the following describes you, then you are thinking about personal branding opportunities already:

  • You love spending time with people coaching and mentoring, not developing materials;
  • Your focus is on the quality of life for your proteges and team, not creating paperwork;
  • You want to focus on providing leadership and influence and you do not want to be behind the eight ball when it comes to leadership;
  • You are an honest person and do not believe in “bootleg” products; you want the best for your team and yourself;
  • You do not want to be last in the market on transformation and change, but you want to lead the market!

If these describe the type of leader you are, then it’s quite possible that you want a trusted partner to work with in, providing you with workshop materials and program books, forms, and supplies. Better yet, you want someone who is able to help you when you are wanting to customize your own! This person is none other than Dr. Merle Ray. She knows how to transform your vision into your action. Personal branding is what she has helped me with allowing me to not just produce superior quality materials to work with, but also quality leadership transformation.

When you partner with us starting at just $389/month and up at the Strategic Partner level – you get to use our materials or we help you custom create your own! It’s your choice!

It takes thousands of hours to put together quality work curricula, books, toolkits, etc. Why not leverage the expertise that we have put together to help you create just the right personal brand experience so that you can provide your team with coveted time and trusted resources.

Strategic Partners as Leaders have the opportunity to plan and implement their own project at this partner participation level. This may include one of the following every 4 to 5 months depending on how well you execute your action plan. You may choose to work on:

  • 40-page book or journal,
  • Short workbook (40-pages or less),
  • Logo design & creation, logo package including tagline,
  • 2-on-1 coaching with Dr. Cassandra Scott and Dr. Merle Ray together. Scheduled in advance. Some restrictions apply.

What better way could there be to offer the very best learning to your team and allow yourself to stay ahead of the competition? There are thousands of providers out there using material off the shelf and while there’s nothing wrong with that, we believe that the best results are those that consider the uniqueness of each client, and thus, are worthy of the customized approach we’ve taken into consideration when we developed our mentoring platform.

Start out at the Strategic Partner level and let’s get started working on your personal brand and transformation.