Syndicated Writers Blogs

Syndicated Writers Blogs


Don’t just be a writer, author, or self-publisher. Become a household name. Become a syndicate!

Here’s a rare benefit that’s worth its weight in gold – partners who love to blog or write and can do it well are welcome to syndicate their writing on my web site. What do I mean by syndicate? This is a big deal these days and an important deal breaker for many great writers. Don’t learn by trial and error. Do your research! If you’re a fairly decent writer you could become very popular online by providing your thoughts in blog form and on my web site as a partner syndicate. What is a syndicate? Well, unlike a “Work for Hire” deal, as a Freelance Writer, you can go completely the syndication route and get your name and your column name out in the market. We live in a world of abundance just waiting for you to take advantage of opportunities to spread your wings as an accomplished author or writer.

I am not interested in acquiring a “Work for Hire” writer or contract. Why? Because if you are working for hire, and in this case writing for hire, you are basically signing away all the rights to your writing. In effect, my organization and publication, not you, would own the complete rights to your blog, article, or column that you produced. That’s not what I’m providing here. If it was the case, then if you should ever want to reprint that piece (in a book, etc.) then you would have to ask permission from my organization as the original publication. No! So, let’s get that clear right now – I do not wish to hire you as my blog writer or columnist.

I believe a much better way is to partner with you as a Freelancer Blog Author.  This type of arrangement assures you the rights to your work. You are actually only lending your work to the publication, and you still retain all rights to reprint or publish however you choose. All I ask is that you share your thoughts with our site and allow us to tell everybody about your column! It’s basically free publicity for you when you become a partner with me in my Birth Your Brilliance™ program at the Partner level and above.

What I pray is that your column become so popular both online and offline that people will be calling you asking you to appear in their reviews and sites for publication, that you get book deals, and speaking deals based on your column. This is self-syndication and yes, you can do it! Enjoy the freedom of being your own agency by self-syndicating your work, and I’d love for you to consider your partnership with me as the first place to start.

Benefits of Self-Syndicating Your Writing, Blogs, or Columns:

  1. You retain control and direction of your own writing career.
  2. You don’t have to share profits with an agency.
  3. You don’t have to work through a middle-man. BUT, you do have to work really hard to market yourself and your column.
  4. Self-syndicating is like taking on another job. (You will be solely responsible for your own sales, promotion, understanding contracts, creating invoices, etc.)

Do your research on the pros and cons of self-syndicating, and if you’d like a place with great exposure, my web site here is the perfect place to start!

Allow me to bring out the best you have to offer the world by being the mentor you deserve and need in your life to birth out those writing dreams and visions! Sign up for the Senior Partner level and let’s get started bringing out your best!