Learn more about services we offer and choose the plan that provides you with the greatest benefits for you and your budget.

Select our Senior Partners Plan and you get to experience our one-of-a-kind SPEAKER’S CLUB! Individuals who network and collaborate with

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Cassandra Scott’s LIVE Conferences and events empower you to mix with  host and leading speakers and trainers across the nation

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You will schedule your quarterly one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions with Dr. Cassandra Scott. Your weekly mentoring and empowerment group sessions take

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Why are you pursuing this Graduation Experience? What is the reason that you would push yourself BEYOND limits to develop

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Don’t just be a writer, author, or self-publisher. Become a household name. Become a syndicate! Here’s a rare benefit that’s

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What People say

About Us

Through the connection I made with Dr. Cassandra, my 501(c) Non-profit Foundation has catapulted in ways that I had only dreamed of.

Dr. Cassandra told me I was “Created 2 Produce!” Now, I’m breathing into the lives of others in “Take God as your Business Partner,” a weekly intercessor’s group, and Operation Soar – a college student leadership mentoring program!

Dr. Sabrina Sampson Butterfly Wellness Clinic

We met through Dr. Cassandra Scott’s connection; we fell in love and are now engaged to be married Jan 2018!

Neisha and Reginald

After 4 miscarriages and never wanting to be disappointed again, we were connected to Dr. Cassandra. She prayed for us; we conceived and gave birth to a son!

Tera and Calvin