Dr. Merle Ray

Dr. Merle Ray

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Merle Ray has been a Chief Executive in the field of human capital management in her organization, The Noble Groups for over 16 years. She is also a senior professional in Corporate America for nearly 30 years. Ms. Ray dominates her market in creating competitive value for senior executives and their organizations. A highly-in-demand business strategist, transformation change leader, public speaker, author, publisher, & one-on-one development coach, Dr. Merle empowers others to rethink excellence every day!
She is a:
  • Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP),
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR),
  • Certified Senior Professional in the International Public Management Association (IPMA-SCP);
  • and Certified Professional Coach (PCC) by the world’s largest and most respected professional coaching institution, the gold standard in coaching, the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Dr. Ray created the brand name, “Birth Your Brilliance™” and the business platform for it, along with the resources you see on the website. You will receive Dr. Ray’s books and have an opportunity to utilize them for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth as you work with Dr. Scott’s Mentoring Program, Birth Your Brilliance™.
In her spare time, she enjoys book publishing and writing business and ministry works. In 2019, Merle earned her Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling with a specialization in Life Coaching. Prior to that, she was recognized for her published work, Spiritual Identity: Worldview Wisdom for Women, while working in the community coaching women on their identity and mastering their authentic voice. Dr. Ray has published over 7 books of her own and 57 for other pastors and leaders.
In faith-based circles, she is also recognized for her work branding ministries, building visions, discipleship, and working with teams in business and leadership. She has earned both a Master’s of Science Degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies in Houston.
She has helped to strengthen families with children who are living in distressed communities by grant-writing over $20 million in federal and state funded grant projects that were awarded to non-profit community-based organizations in Houston, Texas in 2005-2008. As a consultant and volunteer of more than 1600 hours of service through her organization, The Noble Groups, Merle Ray is an active citizen who believes in providing high performance and noble results in her community and around the globe.
Merle Ray is available by appointment only for your business, ministry, personal, professional, or spiritual development by contacting her at:

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